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How is a Montessori Learning Space different from a Regular School?

A group of teachers posing happily with the students in a classroom environment.
Our Team @iSpark with the Students

Education is a universal right,

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death” - Albert Einstein.

To provide a valuable and irreplaceable early childhood education, our team at iSpark aims to deliver in-demand, skill-focused education at an affordable cost. The iSpark Montessori Learning Space commits to providing unique Montessori-based learning. Now you may be curious how a Montessori school differs from a regular school. Let us elaborate on

Our Montessori Learning Space

child at ispark showing his work as he completed making a clown.
Child @iSpark
In contrast to traditional teaching approaches, the Montessori method of education emphasizes children's natural interests and activities. Developing practical skills and hands-on learning are prioritized in a Montessori classroom.

It strongly emphasizes independence and holds that children can initiate learning in an adequately encouraging and equipping environment. It discourages using several standard performance indicators, like grades and assessments.

children at ispark sitting in the hall.

Being reputed as one of the best Chennai Montessori schools located in Gopalpuram, Tamil Nadu, we give the flexibility and encouragement to inquire extensively, draw conclusions, and ask questions. Montessori students develop into self-assured, joyful, and self-directed citizens responsible for themselves and their community.

Holistic Approach

At iSpark Learning, we practice a holistic approach to learning. Instead of one-sided teaching like in a traditional school, we engage with our students at every step and teach them how their actions impact the local and global community. This eventually trains their mind, body, and free spirit.

They act courageously and honorably, collaborate effectively, and think critically. What greater result for your kids could you hope for?


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