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Moulding Every Child at Every Age


Our programmes embrace holistic development, combining education, art, fitness, and mental well-being for the complete growth of the child.

Cognitive Thinking

Yoga / Silent Moments


Emotional Well being


Arts / Creative Expression

Duration Customizable as per convenience

AGES 3-12

RAFT (Ready Always For Tomorrow)

We develop the body, mind, and soul of the child. Our personalised programme encourages questioning, curiosity, and a lifelong love for learning.

Safety & Security

After School Care

Full day care

Physical/ Outdoor Activities

Trained Caregivers

Nutritious Meal

Duration : Monday to Saturday (9AM - 6PM)

AGES 0-3 

Second Environment

At iSpark, we understand the importance of creating a space where children can grow, learn, and explore - in exploration fun is involved while their parents are away. Our programme runs from 9 am to 6 pm, ensuring that every minute of the child's day is filled with engaging activities and enriching experiences.

Psychological Wellness

Childproofed Equipments

Child-friendly Gym

Arts / Creative Expression

Expert Trainers

Duration Customizable as per convenience

Inhouse Nutritionist

AGES 2-12


It is as vital as learning the alphabet for children in order to embrace fitness and well-being from an early age. Crafted by expert trainers and in-house nutritionists, our fitness programme helps children build flexibility, core strength, and overall physical wellness.

Enquire Now

At iSpark, we provide various age-appropriate programme tailored to the child's needs. Fill out the form, and we will reach out to guide you through the options and answer your queries.

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