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Learning, Growing and Nurturing the Holistic Way

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iSpark is a Holistic Happiness Studio for children, where we envision holistic and happy growth for them. We focus on nurturing the inner well-being of the child, fostering a healthy, joyful, and all-encompassing life. We believe in the ideology of Swami Vivekananda – to develop muscles of iron, nerves of steel and a mind like thunderbolt. 

iSpark - The Holistic Learning Studio

The Whole Child

From toddlers to pre-teens, each program has been carefully designed to cater to and develop the individual needs of the child. iSpark has curated age-appropriate spaces and activities that correspond to the developmental stages of a child.







Physical Health

Lifelong Learning

AGES 6-12


We inspire children to question, create, and explore. Igniting their curiosity we facilitate critical thinking and encouraging them to dream, dream big as dreams have the power to come true!

Elementary Montessori

AGES 2-6 


The environment facilitates independence and movement for the child, providing comfort, familiarity, and security.

Primary Montessori


AGES 0-3

Second Environment

It is an extension of the house, crafted with a cosy space filled with laughter, enthusiasm, and imagination for the young minds.

Second Environment

AGES 3-12


Nurture creativity, cognitive thinking, and physical well-being, making the child Ready Always For Tomorrow (RAFT).

Body, Mind, Soul

AGES 2-12


Nurturing your child’s physical well-being with experts and designed fitness programmes, with a motto to embrace fitness from an early age.


Our Programmes

Holistic learning at iSpark

At iSpark, we embrace a holistic approach, igniting sparks of happiness to shape well-rounded individuals. Our curriculum and materials are designed to spark curiosity, ignite imagination, and instil a love for learning to last for a lifetime. 

Body, Mind, Soul

iSpark is truly  Holistic place. I celebrated my son's birthday ambience!...clean!...

competent! and friendly staff... all together AMAZING time. I think it is first of its kind in Chennai and that also in the heart of the city... A must try


Anjali Dugar

iSpark provides a very nice platform for children. Today, I have seen lots of good changes in my son. He enjoys and he is ever happy. Thank you so much!



The fact that iSpark enforces fitness and creates awareness of the same in children is excellent. My daugther enjoys here all the time!



Very active Team! The people are friendly, flexible, helpful, and open-minded...You guys have to rock it!!



My daughter waits eagerly for every Thursday as then is when she has the session of Miraaya WoW 3L's at iSpark. This speaks of the love that she has developed for iSpark



Hear it from our parent community

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