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Montessori House

The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn.

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Traditional Schools

iSpark Montessori


At iSpark, our curriculum is carefully designed with your child's holistic growth and development in mind. Here is what makes our approach special


  • Practical life activities are applicable for all ages, even infants, and change depending on what the child can do at each stage of development. These activities can start with something as simple as washing hands, rolling the dough, setting the table and progresses to more complex tasks such as baking a dessert or even developing a business plan during the elementary or middle school years.

  • The child's senses are heightened to their peak between the ages of 2 and 6. This method enhances the senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste—through the use of various materials, making learning both interesting and hands-on.

  • From day one, it's all about language! Through group activities like picture conversation, story telling, songs, objects in the environment games, our children build their language and vocabulary skills. We introduce them to phonics and sounds through sandpaper letters, vowel and movable alphabet boxes, and games like I-spy.

  • Arithmetic is introduced to children around 3.5 years, a phase Dr. Maria Montessori refers to as the awakening of the mathematical mind. Children are naturally curious about quantities, and ask questions like "how many more" or "how much more." We use hands-on materials to introduce them to these concepts. Dr. Maria Montessori's method ensures a strong maths foundation, and creates a lifelong learning for numbers.

  • Let us discover the world together as we bring history, geography, plants, and animals to life! With engaging materials and picture cards, live learning experiences, The child's curiosity is ignited as they develop a love for different cultures around the world.

A day at iSpark

iSpark's Montessori Programme

Physical/ Outdoor Activities

Early Childhood Development

Interactive Learning

Arts / Creative Expression


Nutrition Workshops

Communication Training

09:30 AM - 01:30PM (Mon - Fri) 

AGES 2-6

Primary Montessori

We strive towards creating happy, healthy, well-rounded individuals! Early years shapes the development of the child. At iSpark we create stimulating environments for holistic learning. Let children move, explore, discover and absorb from the rich learning environment.

Cognitive Development

Social & Emotional Intelligence

Communication Training

Self-directed Learning

Community Skills

Physical/ Outdoor Activities

Nutrition Workshops

09:30 AM - 01:30PM (Mon - Fri) 

AGES 6-12

Elementary Montessori

In our vibrant classrooms, children become the architects of their own knowledge. We encourage them to ask questions and express unique perspectives. These little moments of curiosity that pave the way for big ideas in the future.

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A curriculum dedicated to igniting the spark in every child's holistic learning and growth in a joyful, inclusive environment. Fill out the form, and we will reach out to guide you through the options and answer your queries.

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