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Miracles at iSpark

Mr. Sridhar Ranganathan is currently the CEO and co-founder of the Medtech company HELYXON. As a well-wisher and mentor of the Montessori Learning Space-iSpark, he spoke to each one who comprised the team building iSpark and asked them how and why they all believed in the vision.

"Miracles only happen if you believe in them" - Paulo Coelho

Following this, he gave an inspirational speech on how he had always had specific goals in life and would believe that they would come to fruition somehow.

Irrespective of the odds, he simply tried regardless. This helped him not only believe in miracles but also achieve them.

Gut Feeling

Whenever something happened or did not happen according to a plan, he would believe that there was some miracle right around the corner. As he remembered his major life changes, he remarked that every end was a new beginning with more abundance to come. He recollected how he had not thought much of the concept before visiting iSpark. But when he casually came by, his gut feeling was one of pure bliss.

Mr. Sridhar standing and expressing his speech at iSpark
Mr. Sridhar at iSpark

Touching Lives

He went on further to help the team understand how iSpark gave him the feeling of nostalgia as a Chennai Montessori School which aimed to create an impact. At this Montessori school, he believed that an organized system for monitoring and optimizing child health was being done simultaneously by taking care of the nutritional requirements of the children. He also felt like iSpark stood out from other Montessori schools because of how it engaged with the body, mind and soul of each child.

Taking Advantage of the Confirmation Bias

The session ended with the team members volunteering questions and Mr. Sridhar happily obliging. One such question was asked about how he stayed optimistic when “Miracles” did not seem to happen. He calmly responded by saying that when one believes strongly in something, it will manifest.

Positivity bias actually helps people pull through some difficult times in their life and achieve, well.............

you guessed it-



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