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The Importance of A Schedule in A Montessori Learning Space

As adults, most of us have a routine that we follow such as brushing our teeth to start the day right. This enables us to maximize our potential. For children too, it is the same. At iSpark Gopalapuram, the following are the scientifically backed reasons why a solid schedule is in place.

At iSpark Gopalapuram, we follow a solid schedule as, according to research,

having a routine in place is very effective for the well-being of children.

Here's why a Montessori learning space focuses on routines:

Schedules Create A Sense of Security in Children

When there is a schedule in place, a sense of familiarity and comfort is created in children. When comfort is established, children feel safer to express themselves better without holding back. This sense of security extends their adult life when they find themselves in changing environments. They are equipped with effective social skills, improved self-esteem, and improved emotional maturity to tackle difficult situations.

Three children playing at iSpark
Children at iSpark during playtime: iSpark Montessori Learning Space

Schedules Build Discipline

When there are schedules in place, there is discipline as a by-product. Following a schedule also teaches the child self-control and emotional stability in tempting situations when there is a snack or a difficult situation when the parent is not around.

An organised setup with a Clock Signaling Discipline
The iSpark Environment

Along with the other Chennai Montessori schools, the iSpark curriculum encourages a balanced approach by encouraging independence in a structured manner. This makes sure that children know the boundaries before they can overstep them.

A  Small Girl Skinning a Carrot
A Little Boy Enjoying His Independence | iSpark Montessori Learning Space

Schedules Improve Concentration

The schedule of a Montessori learning space plays a vital role in developing concentration and focus on a task for a certain period. A schedule is essential for learning to take place as it is a dynamic process that requires immense effort.

Children Lining up and Concentrating For Dance
Children Demonstrating Concentration at iSpark

Independence Along With Structure through a Consistent Routine

One of the best Montessori schools in Chennai, the iSpark Montessori Learning Space curriculum is designed to encourage a balanced approach to independence. This is achieved in a structured manner. This makes sure that children have an understanding of their social boundaries before they can overstep them.

Quote "The child seeks for independence by means of work; an independence of body and mind".
From the Founder of the Montessori Method | Image via quotes fancy

Children Need Order to Thrive

Adapting to change is very difficult even as grown-up adults. However, we have cultivated tools in our arsenal from our experiences that help us to keep moving forward in life. Children do not have these tools yet and need a schedule to keep their anxiety at bay.

6 children raising one of  their hands as a response.
A child learning how to paint a gift during their Christmas Activity at iSpark Montessori Learning Space

To summarise, we must ensure that our children develop a holistic approach to life. This is possible through an emphasis on routine and maintaining a healthy schedule.


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