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Sridhar is currently the CEO of HELYXON, a technology healthcare enterprise & an IIT Madras invested company. Sridhar is also on the board of Upceed Consulting Services and on the board of Trustees of Hand-in-Hand Academy of Social Entrepreneurship. ​ Sridhar, with 29 years of successful commercial experience in Indian and Multi-national companies across industrial, pharmaceutical, aesthetics and body contouring segments, has an excellent career record of rapid growth to become one of the youngest Managing Directors in the industry and further reaching the position of Associate Vice President in the International business based at Marlow, UK. ​ He has proficiency in public speaking with more than 100 awards, and has been an invited speaker in business specific forums, academic institutions and select social platforms. ​ At iSPark, Sridhar advises on Administration and Strategy.

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Umar Jaffar, through his illustrious career of 30 years as a teacher and later an academic administrator, principal, director of best known educational institutions,  believes, as John F Kennedy states, “Liberty without Learning is always in peril and Learning without Liberty is always in vain.” ​ Mr Jaffar has been part of The Lawrence School Lovedale, The International School of Bangalore, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Indus International Hyderabad, Pathways School Noida and Neev Academy Bangalore in Leadership positions. ​ He has extensive and rich knowledge of both national and international curricula such as the IB and IGCSE, he is not only an IB Examiner, but also frequently leads IB Teams during the processes of consultation, authorisation and evaluation of IB schools. Mr Jaffar advises iSpark on its Educational Programmes and Administration.



Aishwarya Dwarakanath is a Montessori Consultant at EdSup. She is a passionate Montessorian who has been trained in Primary (2-6 years) and Elementary Montessori (6-12 years) Diploma and has worked with children between 2-12 for many years. She is the co-founder of EdSup Solutions and has helped several parents and teachers and schools through her workshops, courses, and consultations.




Sangeetha, as our Admin-coordinator, helps in smooth transactions of commercial processes, and documentation and also acts as a strong bridge between the Management & the Staff.



Exercise is ‘King,’ Nutrition is ‘Queen.’ Put them together and you’ve got a Kingdom. Trying to establish this ‘Little Kingdom’ for children at iSpark is Mala's role as a Nutritionist. She is a registered Dietitian with an MPhil Degree in Counselling and Masters's in Psychology. She has 20+ years of experience in Nutrition and Diet Counselling.



As the Marketing Manager, Khaja's role is to work alongside the Business Developer & to help create a healthy marriage between the finance and marketing departments. His dedicated efforts protect the business from any discernment, and even when clouds cover iSpark with darkness, he’s sure to strike a deal or two!

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