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Children are like sponges; research indicates that when children are soaked with the right kind of learning such as reading – the benefits are proven to be greater, even after they move on to another activity. Parents can improve their children’s chances of being successful in school, by simply making them proactive and consistent readers.

Are you aware of the fact that during the first six years, children learn at a much faster pace than at any other time in their lives?

Books are our best friends both in joy and sorrow and without a doubt, they take us ‘from skies to seas, and everywhere they please…’

However, there is a general complaint of the parents and teachers that the modern generation children lack the interest in reading books. To tackle this problem, children need to be exposed to the world of reading and cultivating that as a habit at an early stage. This provides a platform for them to learn new things as well as expand their vocabulary during the process.

For starters, usually young children might not have the patience to sit for long lengths of time, especially when it concerns reading, but this can be bypassed by ensuring that they are involved in reading something of their interest. Engage them with fables and fairy tales and ask fun questions. This usually brings out the child’s curiosity and encourages them to read more.

Join your child on his or her journey of reading and share your own childhood experiences; this creates the opportunity for bonding and your child is likely to relate with your love for reading. In order to help your child develop a reading habit, here are some things you can do: 

  • Bonding with Books – Choose a book or two to read with your children as a way to spend quality time together rather than sitting in front of the TV. If your child has a favourite television show, check out a book from the library that features the characters of the show.

  • Catch the Reading Bug – Read regularly to your children and lead by example by being a reader yourself. When your child sees the importance of reading in your life, chances are they would take it seriously too.

  • Libraries & Book Stores Rock! – There is nothing more satisfying than making regular visits to the library and bookstores with your children and help them choose books that interest them. This not only helps your child to take up reading it also helps you understand their interests better.

  • Make Reading Fun – When sitting with a book, discuss the visual caricatures of the book with your children. This evokes younger children to respond with enthusiasm to animated expressions and special sound effects.

  • Sail on a Sea of Books – As a special incentive for good behaviour or on special occasions, reward your children with extra reading time or books. Consider putting your children into summer reading programmes. The completion of most of those programmes is rewarded with books.

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