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iSpark Holistic Happiness Studio, a studio for children, of children and to the children, focuses on building a healthy, happy and holistic life for children as well as parents through the development of body, mind and soul.

iSpark has been physically structured as a ‘play den’ where children can unwind as well as learn through each other and primarily through experiential learning. The colours and murals of animals define the place such that the children feel it is their place and adults feel that they are back to their childhood.

iSpark was founded by Ms Manisha Kanoria Lohia, a Montessori Director, Kathak teacher, seeker and above all, a mother! Her passion for being with children has inspired her to explore different possibilities through having her own Montessori School, teaching in a few schools and inculcating values in children through Kathak. Inspired by Dr APJ Kalam’s message to the youngsters, she felt that providing a holistic platform to children is extremely important. This has been the key factor in the conceptualisation of iSpark:) such that they always “Aspire to Inspire” and retain their own distinctive trait of being “Happy”.


In order to achieve its mission, iSpark has come up with various programmes for children and women. Each programme is delivered by Hand Picked professionals and experts in their field who have a caring and nurturing attitude towards children. The core philosophy of aligning Body, Mind and Soul is adhered to while delivering these wonderful programmes.


Come visit iSpark to discover the secret to a holistic life, which is worth celebrating!

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