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“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…”

No matter what your child’s favourite thing is, you’d want to gift it to them on their birthday. As a parent, nothing rivals the spark of happiness and excitement in your child’s eyes on this special day. Why not make this day even more special?

Let us present to you a super exciting, fun-filled and healthy environment to celebrate your kid’s birthday at iSpark!

The perfect ambiance

Kick off your party at the perfect venue designed to inspire the imagination and playful spirit of every child. The vibrant colours, ample space, child-friendly décor with animal murals and lively atmosphere of iSpark will immediately set the mood for the birthday bash.

Go crazy with themes

Let the children know how special the day can be for them – choose the party’s theme based on their favourite cartoons, movies, sports, colour etc. Getting to enjoy the event with their best buddies, dressed like their favourite superhero, film star or cartoon character will make for an unforgettable experience for your kid.

A scrumptious menu that’s healthy too

Amid all the fun, we at iSpark never ignore the value of health. This is why we cut out the junk and unhealthy snacks from the menu. Instead, we provide yummy healthy cakes, fresh smoothies, wholesome burgers and sandwiches, dips, whole wheat pasta and pizza with fresh vegetables and many other lip-smacking nutritious munchies to liven up your party’s menu.

Lots of fun things to do

Zing up the celebration by adding oodles of fun and exciting activities to make sure your little one and their friends are having a gala time. Opt for activities like dance, theatre, story time and plenty of games that will keep your kids — from toddlers to teens — thoroughly entertained.

Sounds great? Create a new tradition of birthday celebrations with iSpark

Make your little one’s birthday a truly memorable event with no stress of organisation, health, and safety on your mind. Contact us today to know more about how we can transform your child’s birthday party into a celebration full of pure joy, happiness and delight.

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