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 Life is in the Little Things

I happened to read this quote somewhere after which this got etched into the system. “ A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” If love cannot, nothing else can…what is not possible for love? 


To love someone and to keep loving someone again and again is only possible for a human being. So why complain, just keep doing it. In any relationship, the more we keep giving, the more we keep feeling fulfilled. Truly marriages happen when there is a click between two people and then nothing can stop them. They keep going on and on. 


For Parashar and me, life began with that “ CLICK.” I was someone who was totally opposed to the concept of marriage. Though sisters, friends around me had started getting married, I used to always wonder, “ Why marriage? “ I was so complete on to myself and the focus for me was always doing something humongous in life where marriage did not seem very intriguing. Apart from that, my spiritual aspirations kept me rooted making me feel satisfied and content with things around me. 


Yet the universe had something else planned for me and the click happened in just a glance. Being married to Parashar for 27 years now, both of us have slowly started realising that ultimately in life it is the two of us who will always be there for each other. The little things in life is what makes a huge difference. Happiness is always in these little things and if we have discovered this early enough, then everything falls into place. If not, the journey continues and we should keep exploring it till we hit the right button. Eventually we will…If in the entirety of the universe, two of us have met amidst so many people then already the “ CLICK has happened…” It is only on us to nourish it and keep building it. 


Both of us are very different and as science says, opposite poles attract, so did we get drawn towards each other. In our difference we like each other, we cherish each other, we quarrel at times and this journey keeps going…


After being married for twenty seven years and with our only child, twenty three years old who has flown out of the nest, both of us are back alone with each other. Initially and even now it pains a lot to not have him around but “ WHAT IS, IS…” His life journey has to continue, we have done what we could as parents and we had to set him away to discover his potential in the world outside. 


Parashar is a resilient soul and does not express much yet I know he feels his absence. Both of us are discovering different ways through which we can keep ourselves engaged. Sometimes we play board games together, at times we simply sit in silence and gaze at the sky, while at times we take a walk near the beach, go for a movie, a meal, coffee…and this way three months have gone by since our son has left for his higher studies. It was difficult to again start relating to each other without the presence of our son as he was always the focal point in our life. With him gone, it is only we who have to keep discovering the journey of our lives together…


We are becoming artistic in doing different things together and sometimes not doing anything at all. For we have realised building a great marriage is an art, and we have to get artistic. 


To keep loving the same person again and again and again is what I feel is a successful marriage. 

To not get ego involved in this relationship which is so sacred and in identifying how the very little things in life can just be dropped and how the little things in life can make us feel happy…


This is what keeps me going at every moment in my love for Parashar. I feel the same love oozing for him as I felt when I saw him for the first time carrying a Krishna Idol in a religious discourse and for me it was “ LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT…” 


Is there anything else I can write more as I know that iTUBE MOMENT is what will keep carrying me till I breathe my last…and it keeps propelling me to keep giving my best to him forever and ever more…

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