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“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” 

                                                                                  – Albert Einstein

iSpark believes in this inspiring statement and aims to give back to society as much as possible. Some ways we do so at iSpark are, by conducting special one-day workshops for underprivileged children, by going to schools and motivating them and also by opening our gym for them twice every week. One such initiative was during iSpark’s 2nd Anniversary Celebrations, where iSpark conducted a special session for the children of Bala Mandir School.


They endorse the rights of all the children and envision for a loving & caring upbringing for them. To volunteer at iSpark or to use iSpark as a platform for the development of the children from your organisation, please send us your request.

Dear Team iSpark,
Thank you for the opportunity you gave our grade 4 children to spend the day at iSpark. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had great stories to share with other children.


Bala Mandir, School - Chennai

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