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Manisha Kanoria Lohia is an author, educator & entrepreneur.

She is based out of Chennai and runs her own Montessori Learning Space. With over 30+ years of experience in the Montessori Education space, she decided to start her own venture

as an educator in 2016. This space has been designed and specifically curated by her owing to her expertise. She called the space 'iSpark Holistic Happiness Studio'.

Manisha K. Lohia is also the author of two published books

called 'Aspire to Inspire' & '...And it rained blessings'. Her genre of writing is self-help and poetry.

The Story

Qualified as an accountancy graduate, Manisha with her love for children ventured into the domain of learning the psychology of nurturing children in the right way. She was certified with extensive training from the London Montessori Centre as a Montessori Educator and embarked upon the journey of delivering what she had learnt to shape young minds.

The Journey

The first step for her was when she conceived a baby while she was on the verge of giving her final exams for the International Montessori Degree. A breakthrough moment was when she was studying THE SPIRITUAL EMBRYO in her certificate course. The child in the womb of the mother picks up every sensation from her and is growing in a dark chamber confined within.

What the mother does during this period impacts the physical, mental, and spiritual being of the growing fetus.

This had transformed her completely.

'Finding Myself in the Chaos'

There is a very famous saying, “What you seek for, seeks you.”

Above all, when I connect with the cosmos in silence, the highest vibration gets transferred to me.


Manisha's personal focus is on grooming pregnant women from
the conception state to be able to deliver healthy young babies.

She has consistently worked with many such mothers and has received alarming responses, her own
self, being the first one in this journey.


The Holistic Happiness Studio has trained colleagues who deliver the ideology and philosophy of iSpark through her close mentoring of each one of them.


The program ranges for children from the ages of 18 months onwards,
as they grow older with careful hand-holding.


iSpark has been founded by

Ms. Manisha Kanoria Lohia, a Montessori
Director, Kathak teacher, a seeker, and above all a mother! Her passion to be
with children has inspired her to explore different possibilities through having
her own Montessori School, teaching in a few schools, and inculcating values
to children through Kathak. Inspired by Dr. APJ Kalam’s message to the
youngsters, she felt providing a holistic platform to children is extremely
important. This has been the key factor in the conceptualization of iSpark:)
such that they always “Aspire to Inspire” and retain their own distinctive trait of
being “Happy”.

Author, Artist

The universe conspired for making her dream come true when she launched and associated the iSpark e-magazine venture. The activities at iSpark increased and improved with innovative ideas and with the dedicated involvement of parents and children. Along with this, she kept exploring the literary bent of her mind by penning down thought-provoking editorials for the Emagazine.

Aspire to Inspire

ASPIRE TO INSPIRE REVISITED is a collection of Editor's Notes written by the author over the last three years, for her online venture, iSpark Emagazine.


This book is written with the purpose of inspiring parents and children to live a happy, holistic and wholesome life.


The vision of the book is to tap into the inner potential of each child through their parents.

And it rained blessings manisha kanoria lohia.png

..And It Rained Blessings

Manisha Kanoria Lohia writes about aspirations, dreams, children, mischief, silence, and how every aspect of creation is eventually connected to God. Her poems enable her readers to discover their deeper core and awaken their inner selves.

This collection is also an expression of many special and silent moments experienced in the lap of nature. These poems help us connect the dots from the outer ‘me’ to the ‘me’ within.

This is a beautiful journey that will lead to self-discovery!

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